Merry Punky Christmas, originally uploaded by javadoug.

Wishing all cat lovers from around the world a very Mery Christmas and Happy,Healthy and Prosperous 2008 – for you, and your loved once, and your kitties of course!

Tonight I saw this awesome capture on Flickr’s Explore, and asked for permission to include it on blog,and it was graciously given by Monique – Chelsea Photographie – thank you so much 🙂
See how angry Camille is? And let me put it this way – I wouldn’t like to be NOT liked by her – nor would any of my 7 cats 🙂
Wishing all of you Happy Holidays dear friends, and will be back soon with new kitty captures 😉

It’s a Snowcat!, originally uploaded by ChickadeeD.

This is a capture of a Norvegian Forest cat (yes, I know…again!) – and this kitty is seeing snow for the very 1st time in his life 🙂 His name is Coogle,and tell me, isn’t he cute and gorgeous looking?
Enjoy my friends, and will be making sure to post an other great kitty shot before Christmas, in order to wish you Happy Holidays 🙂

-MITY, originally uploaded by relumadrid.

I cannot get enough of the beauty of this cat called Mity. She is so gorgeous looking that I would have done whatever it takes to make her mine if she wasn’t living thousands of km away from us. There is also the fact that if we try to bring her here, she must reside 2 months in a special pet clinic on the air port. Something that she will hate, and me too. So I’d raher admire her photos 🙂
Talk to you soon again my friends and cat lovers, and with more beautiful kitties photos or videos.

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