Philosopher, originally uploaded by olische.

You know by now how much I love cats – being that I have 7 of my own with me here. And on Flickr I am seeing such gorgeous looking kitties most of the time, and even though I enjoy so much most of these – some I just have to place on my blogs. This was the case with Dushka, the cat looking like a philosopher on the capture above.
Not only is she a pretty looking tabby cat, but her expression is so intelligent that I cannot help thinking, maybe she is smarter than all of us together 🙂 You could check more photos of Dushka by clicking on the link bellow the photo.

As to why I am not writing more often here, I am still not well my friends, and I was given some more pills that are supposed to make me better shortly, and if this is not the case I will be going to stay for awhile in the hospital. No worries about my cats as my partner will take care of them being here at home. You’ll be hearing from me soon again and until than – keep well and stay happy together with your kitties 🙂

Cri 7878, originally uploaded by caroline santarosa.

Dear friends, the new year is here, and we will go on with this kitty blog, and the more regular photo postings. You all know how busy our lives tend to be during Holidays, but these days are over for now.
I found this funny shot of Cri about 30 minutes ago, and Caroline graciously allowed me to use it here. You could visit more of her photos via the link under this photo. At times I feel like doing exat the same tongue action, just as Cri on the photo, but I am not doing it for the simple reason that I become very ugly while doing it 😉 So, while we think it’s such a cute sight while a cat is doing it – it ain’t that funny while we humans do it 🙂
Wishing you a splendid weekend and talk to you soon…

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