Dinx & Nano, originally uploaded by Dappers.

Nano is living in The Netherlands and he is a lovely red tabby cat. I found his look in this photo so adorable, and his eyes so beautiful that I wanted to share his photo with all of you on my blog. For more photos of his click on the links under his photo. Enjoy my friends and wishing you a nice weekend 🙂

Kitty Tat, originally uploaded by Smartzz.

Ok, a bit of fun for today and to have you start the week in a nice way 🙂 A friend of my on Flickr – Connie – did a few of some blurred shots of me in an artistic way, and since this is my kitty blog I decided to place the kitty Tat here for you :D. Click on the link under the photo to visit more of Connie’s artistic works and wishing you all a great week ahead.


The beautiful kitty Coco lives in Canada – Vancouver and I saw her tonight in Explore on Flickr and asked her owner Sarah if it was ok to post the photo here for you and I am grateful that she agreed graciously 🙂
CoCo was born March 2nd in 2003. She is mix 1/4 Chinchilla and 3/4 Persian. I’ll be posting several more photos of her in the coming weeks for you 😀

And this one is a 6 months old Norvegian Forest kitty boy that is a star in my eyes, also on Explore several day ago, and so cute looking too 🙂 He lives in The Netherlands, and his name is Borre, and I’ll be presenting several of the Norvegian Forrest cats of the cattery Froskeland 🙂 I learned from the cattery owner tonight that Borre and his twin brother Baldr are for sale. So if you are living somewhere near, in The Netherlands, of in Belgium, or in Germany, get in touch with Dick on the above web site.

Who? Me?

Enjoy my friends, and will be posting soon again. Wishing you a splendid weekend 😀

Spot the Cat, originally uploaded by mimigd.

Dear readers of mycat.be, I am pleased to present to you Spot, the cat of a friend of mine, Mimi on Flickr, who was a feral that she trapped and fixed 9 years ago. He has been living with them and is such a lovely and wonderful friend ever since. I thought it will be a nice idea to point out the poor life feral cats are having, and to praise those who help these poor kitties – these people are my Valentines also 🙂
Talk to you soon with otherphotos of lovely kitties and wishing you a great and Happy Valentines day 😀

Happy Furry Friday, originally uploaded by Chelsea Photographie.

This beautiful cat’s name is Camille, and she is of the Bombay breed cats. I find her so gorgeous looking with her golden eyes and wanted you to meet her here on MyCat.be again, as the 1st time that I uploaded a photo of her was on the 22nd of December 2007 while she was very angry with another cat… She lives in the French part of Canada, and you could see more photos of her by clicking on the link under her photo, or on her owners link, also under the photo: Chelsea Photographie. Enjoy my friends 🙂

Green-Eyed Tiger, originally uploaded by Little Lioness.

Sorry for the long time between posts but here we are again with two splendid kitty captures for you. The above one was on Explore and I loved the beautiful eye color he has, and asked for permission to post it here for you, and it was granted 🙂 To see more photos of Little Lioness please click on the link under the photo.

close-up of Pituta the sweety

Pituta here above has been the one mostly in my lens lately, and I will try to take some more captures of my other cats for you too.

Wishing you a splendid week ahead and talk to you soon 🙂

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