Meet Puss, the Silver Persian beauty…and with him I am wishing all believing readers a splendid and Happy Easter. For believers other than Christians – Happy Spring 🙂

This beautiful Silver Persian cat is named Puss. He is 13 years of age, and since a kitten of 2 months old he has been living together with his caring owner Bob in Bristol – UK. To see many, many more of Puss’s his photos, click on the link under this photo and you’ll visit Bob’s stream on Flickr. You will remain baffled with all the photo art Bob has created there with his beloved cat… 🙂 Enjoy the long weekend, and Easter my friends and will talk to you soon again 🙂

Pawtrait #4 Annie the matriarch, originally uploaded by ilsebatten.

Annie is 14 years and I think she looks awesome, check her look, and those eyes. I love her turtle colored fur too 🙂 Her owner – Ilse is saying the following about her: “Annie is 14 and looks to me like a Rosina Wachtemeister kind of cat. She has been the most loyal and wonderful cat…” Wishing you a great day my friends, and the same to your kitties 🙂

The world through Milo’s eyes…, originally uploaded by nushuz.

Hello again cat lovers and friends, and to make it good with you for the long silence I will upload two new photos for you now.

This kitty, here above, is Milo, a spotted tabby, who is living together with Mitzi, and she is a diluted calcio, together with their owner Sherry in New England, near Vermont. To see more of Shery’s photos use the link under their Milo’s or Mitzi’s photos.

I think that they both look gorgeous and happy with the environment and the family they are living with 🙂

Have you ever seen a kitty enjoying the smell of roses? I thought this is the most wonderful capture ever, and loved it so much, and hope you will too 😀 Enjoy my friends…

Talk to you soon again and will share more photos of beautiful looking feline friends 🙂 Have a great Sunday – all of you!

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