The photos here are taken a few days ago while I ws chasing wild flowers around our house. My Norvegian Forest cat – Sylvester, as always went with me. He is weird according to me, in the fact that he is not afraid of dogs and actually thinks he is a kind of a dog himself 🙂 The photo here made it on Explore 😉

Sylvester walking behind me...

He walks behind me, and sometimes in front of me while out and about, and is on allert all of the time due to the dogs being walked out. See how intense his look is 😉

Sylvester close-by... so intense...

I was trying to get a photo of his while he was chasing the dogs, but non of these were good enough. Maybe next time when I get a better photo of him running I’ll place it here for you to see. Wishing you a splendid and sunny week ahead 🙂

Here is another photo of Pituta to share with you. It was on Explore 2 days ago, and for the once that don’t know what Explore is – these are the 500 photos on Flickr that are chosen daily as most interesting.

I am sorry for not having posted for quite some time now, but I had too many health issues in the last several months. I will post more often from now on and hope you’ll enjoy the photos of kitty friends from around the world 🙂

Pituta is one of my black cats and she is quite photogenic. Not always pleased with her surroundings and fellow cats – I must add. Cats are just like people, and each and everyone has his and her own character. Some are moody, and some are happier. While others are just busy with themselves. Pituta needs human contact, and especially from my partner Willem. She adores him and is not happy unless he is at home and she is able to sit on his knees. The photo was taken last week while she was giving her unfriendly looks to the other cats that were too close to her dish :). Enjoy my friends and talk to you soon.

...why now - Pituta saiz...

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