This is George, he is a 2 year old Maine Coon. He lives in Huddersfield in England and Kay is his owner.

It's mine and I'm not letting go.

And this is Liza, George’s partner 🙂 She is a Black tortie Maine Coon.

Wide eyed.

And here both of them are looking like a couple of Sumo wrestlers…


By clicking on the photos above you’ll be on Kay’s Flickr stream where there are so many photos of her beautiful main coon couple.

There are so many visits to this kitty blog but hardly anyone is leaving a comment and I wonder why?
Have a fine week ahead!

Katze 3

The sweet beauty here above is called Simply, and he is a sweet boy living in Oberkulm in Switzerland with his owner Urs. There are 4 kitties and they love living in eachothers company, and Urs.
The others do not have names as yet. The black one is a girl and the other one is Simply. By clicking on the photos you’ll be able to visit other photos of these sweet kitties on Urs Flickr account.

Katze 4

Wishing you all a very nice weekend and talk to you soon

This beautiful kitty’s name is Noonah. She living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. 7 months old. She is mixed , her mother is Persian but her father is a street cat. SHe is living with her owner Saif”

Meet Noonah

The name of this beauty is or was Wawa. She was born in Dec 2003 and died in Nov 2006. She was also living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with her owner Saif. And he is not sure about her breed.

A cat in a Hat

Talk to you soon and enjoy the Sunday with your kitties.

Rufus is the name. His breed is a much loved BARN cat. He wandered up to the farm of Toni when he was a small kitten, and he has been part of the family ever since. He has 3 room mates but they are not nearly as personable as Rufus is. He lives in Searcy, USA. He owns Autumn and Kenneth, which are Toni’s grand kids. They adore him and since he was a kitten he has let them wag him around without complaining. Rufus is about 1 yr old.

Heres lookin at cha

By clicking on the photo you’ll be directly on the photo stream of Toni, and she has more photos of Rufus for you to see. Enjoy your weekend and talk to you soon.


Clyde is living happily in Kent – UK, in the loving family of Tracy, with his mum Connie and his other kitty mates. He is 10 years now. Clyde loves a fuss and is jealous if another cat gets more attention than him. He seems to pose every time that Tracy gets her camera out, typical Clyde wanting to be the centre of attention….hmm, how much I’d love to have my kitties posing…

Today I heard from Tracy that Clyde’s mum – Connie past away. She’ll be very missed, and may she rest in piece…

CLYDE8 (15)

By clicking on the photos you’ll be directly on the photo stream of Tracy, and she has many more photos of her kitty family for you to see.


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