Hello again, and this time here are 3 of the kitty beauties that are Michelle’s pets – a Flickr friend of ours. They live in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in the New England region of the US.

Shy Sonia

Sonia – Is a shy fluffy white cat that Michelle took in as a foster in 2007 and she’s still there. She is just a domestic longhair. She is tiny and sweet 🙂

Dracula Talks To Me

Dracula – She got her name because she likes to jump on your shoulders and will either bite your neck or drape herself across your shoulders like a scarf. She is a dilute calico color.

I want to come back in!

Ginger – She is a calico color. Apparently nobody ever told Ginger she is a cat ;). She loves marshmallow Fluff and will run up and steal the spoon out of your hand. She is also a huge baby.

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