Here is a very sweet and soft “Merry Christmas” from my Norvegian Forrest cat Sylvester, who is enjoying the freshly fallen snow and greets you all with the Happy Holidays 🙂 And most probably for next year I’ll be looking for a little Santa’s hat to place on him for the Christmas Greetings, but for now there is not much else that I can do, but upload this last shot of him, and wish you all Happy Holidays and a prosperous and Healthy 2010!

This is absolutely awesome to watch! Check the cutest kitty in it, and tell me, isn’t it a star? And I would love to be near it for a few minutes and give it a soft kiss on his head 🙂

This one had to be shared on the blog and am sure that you will laugh as much as we did 🙂 The loveliest feline friends of ours could be so cute, or so stupid looking when they are playing, it all depends on the perception I think. But enjoy this video and I’ll post again soon 😉

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