I watched this video today and decided to share it here on mycat.be with you 😉
This smart kitty – called Iggy, is smart enough to even play the piano.

The eyes of your feline buddies have usually been used on horror films. However if you are a pet proprietor, you’ll know that the cat’s stare is actually the alternative of what’s being portrayed on films. That is why you must know the significance of cat eye care.

I Love You

How do cats say these phrases? Via their eyes, of course. That is why you shouldn’t be frightened by that gaze. How does this work? First, the cat stares at you for an extended while. And after that, it blinks its eyes slowly. Some individuals tag this as a cat’s kiss. But you can even say that this is your cat’s means of saying that it loves you.
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A few days ago I saw this video and loved this kitty that was standing on his legs just like a human while watching the birds outside. If you have not seen it as yet – I am sure you will love it too 😉 Enjoy…

I have 3 beautiful cats. They are adorable and very photogenic. I believe that they can be on magazines or TV commercials. I need to know who I can contact to start them on their way. Thank you.

My cat once was in a real lovey mood and was rolling around my bed trying to get my attention and proceeded to roll herself off the bed and then she jumped back up on the bed and gave me the evil look like it was my fault even though I wasn’t even touching her when she did it. She is 5 years old and knows where the bed ends and begins. I was wondering if any one else had some crazy stories to share with about thier cats
I have also had a cat try to jump from the windowsill to the desk no more than a foot apart and the cat slid on its side instead of landing on its feet and managed to give me the evil looks like i did it even though I was across the room.

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