Why is Sylvester looking aghast? The reason is Timmie.  Sylvester feels very sad since  little Timmie came to live with us, and Timmie is behaving badly towards all the cats in our family. Unfriendly and like a bad, and spoiled child. Because he is fairly small the other cats do not attack him, and are very forgiving – for now at least… And I do love Sylvester so much that it hurs when he looks and acts sad.

Sylvester aghast

Mity has been feautured before on mycat.be and she was the beloved princess of my friend Relu from Spain. And her passing over must be such a terrible loss for Relu. May she rest in peace, and find a better place behind the rainbow bridge…


This is Timmie, the cream point ragdoll, and our newest addition to the kitty family. He is 9 months old, and born on the 20th of November 2009. And he is such a sweet beauty 🙂

Blue eyed Timmie

Timmie the ragdoll

Timmie is a beauty

Timmie is enjoying his day

Timmie posing

Timmie held by Willem

Timmie on the lookout

Timmie posing again

Timmie the ragdoll sweety

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