Cat toys eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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Ancient Tales – The Cat Who Said No To Milk – Kids Animation Cartoon Stories. Watch the story of The Cat Who Said No To Milk in which Tenali teaches the carelessKrishnadevaraya a lesson, for blindly following the words of his ministers. Click to watch more animation Stories.
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Here is a full episode of Animal Stories from CITV in 2001. Lewis the cat only eats fish paste on bread, he won’t try anything else at the same cafe he goes to every lunchtime. That is until the owner of his favourite cafe is away and Lewis has no choice but to eat some where else. Jim Nelson and Rene Agredano’s dog Jerry was the CFO (Canine Fun Officer) in the business they ran from their home office. But when Jerry became ill, Jim and Rene decided to sell their business and their house — and they hit the road with Jerry. Some people are cat people, some are dog people. But regardless of which camp they fall into, most people are simply crazy about their pets. What makes these creatures such key members of our families? Watch as NATURE shares the stories of pet owners and their beloved animals. “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” airs on PBSSunday, May 23, 2010 at 8 pm (check local listings). “Why We Love Cats and Dogs” is part of the 28th season of the Peabody and Emmy award-winning series produced by Thirteen in association with WNET.ORG for PBS. Major support provided by Canon USA Inc. For more information, visit Nature, PBS, WNET, dogs, pets, illness, cancer, tumor
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Watch the animation moral stories series of Panchatantra Tales – The Cunning Cat – a great learning experience for kids in the most entertaining and fun way. Click to watch more animation Stories.
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Street stories – oscar the cat

Heheheheh, is this cat for real? It looks like it is, and I can stop grinning while watching it over and over again 😉

This is my youtube story. My moments with my pets and how sweet and funny they are – the moments what I don’t want to forget. A picture maybe worth a thousand words – BUT my videos are in millions … At least for me they are! I got married and moved to Texas in 1999 from Estonia. I always shared pictures with my family, who all live there. Then I got camera with video option and I used it and sent it to my family through youtube to show my life here with video. I used to make my videos private after my family watched it. So I hope you can understand my shock in 2007 when my email got flooded… I was just trying to show little clips to my family and my videos ended up in TVs and other websites and I didn’t even know what embedding was.. I felt like —– stopppppp this :SS LOL!! I filmed “my youtube story” on May 25th , then edited few days and found all my old clips to go along with my story — only to get a sad news on May 29th from my family in Estonia — about my beloved family dog Pauka… RIP!!! But I probably wouldn’t have a clip of him if I didn’t make videos of my pets in Texas. I visited my family in October 2009 and wanted to get a video my Estonian dog as well. I asked my little brother Siim to film me and Pauka. I am really happy that there is youtube. I have learned a lot of English here and I hope to get better! My Youtube friends help me and always correct me when I say something wrong 😉 Thanks!!! Thank you so much!!! I really love your comments and they
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Come On and Party DVD

Incredibly funny video, and what would have caused the tiredness you think?

Cat toys eBay auctions you should keep an eye on:

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😉 Would you consider deactivating your cat whie paying a vsit to the vet by using the same mehod?
My cats are polite and not afraid of the vet, otherwise I woud have considered it I think 🙂

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