This is my youtube story. My moments with my pets and how sweet and funny they are – the moments what I don’t want to forget. A picture maybe worth a thousand words – BUT my videos are in millions … At least for me they are! I got married and moved to Texas in 1999 from Estonia. I always shared pictures with my family, who all live there. Then I got camera with video option and I used it and sent it to my family through youtube to show my life here with video. I used to make my videos private after my family watched it. So I hope you can understand my shock in 2007 when my email got flooded… I was just trying to show little clips to my family and my videos ended up in TVs and other websites and I didn’t even know what embedding was.. I felt like —– stopppppp this :SS LOL!! I filmed “my youtube story” on May 25th , then edited few days and found all my old clips to go along with my story — only to get a sad news on May 29th from my family in Estonia — about my beloved family dog Pauka… RIP!!! But I probably wouldn’t have a clip of him if I didn’t make videos of my pets in Texas. I visited my family in October 2009 and wanted to get a video my Estonian dog as well. I asked my little brother Siim to film me and Pauka. I am really happy that there is youtube. I have learned a lot of English here and I hope to get better! My Youtube friends help me and always correct me when I say something wrong 😉 Thanks!!! Thank you so much!!! I really love your comments and they
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Come On and Party DVD

Incredibly funny video, and what would have caused the tiredness you think?

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