“The Story”, by Norah Jones, from Won Kar-Wai’s movie “My Blueberry Nights”. Thanks for watching! 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Part 2 of 4 – Dave Irvine will describe his experience as part of one of the most notorious teams of gamblers ever, and how it took the resources of multi-billion dollar casinos to finally stop the onslaught…but not until they had already pocketed 000000 in winnings! He will demonstrate the perfectly legal strategies he used, and will reveal first-hand stories of the double life he held as a normal college student during the week and a high-stakes gambler on the weekend, the cat and mouse game he played with casinos, the aliases and disguises he used to camouflage his play and the incredible lengths the casinos would go to in order to track him down and throw him out. Speaker: Dave Irvine, Blackjack MIT Team Member and Co-founder of The Blackjack Institute Filmed at www.AmsterdamAffiliateConference.com

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