These are inspiring personal stories of Americans choosing Islam. Let this video help you rekindle the faith in your heart! Their stories are amazing and different, but their ultimate destination is the same: Islam. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and America is no exception to this phenomena. This video helps to demystify this amazing trend. This is a collection of interviews with Americans of different racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds who explain why they have chosen to become Muslim, embracing the faith of over 1 billion humans worldwide. Some of these people are: Rafael Narbaez a former pastor with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Narbaez was born and raised in Texas and he is from a Hispanic family. While he grew up as a Catholic he later became a Jehovah’s Witness. Initially, he started reading the Quran to get a better understanding of the Bible, but instead, it helped him understand Islam. He later embraced the faith. Dr. Muhammad Eckhaus was born in New York to a Jewish family. He was impressed by the generosity and humility of Muslims, which brought him closer to Islam and finally he accepted the faith. Yusuf Islam, the former Cat Stevens was a world famous rock star in the 1970s. Islam was from a Greek Orthodox family and experimented with many different religions seeking inner peace. One day, he received a copy of the Quran as a birthday gift from his brother David. After reading the Quran, Islam decided to leave his life in the
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25 Comments to “Choosing Islam – Converts Tell Their Stories 2/3”

  1. khaledalf2000 — 23rd November 2011 @ 12:57 pm

    To brother Rafael , wellcome to the truth and i ask God to give u all the best now and in the day after. i want also the tell that i appreciate too much your way of presentation.

  2. LiberateUsOfBadHumor — 23rd November 2011 @ 1:04 pm

    Welcom,brothers,,bring your parents,sisters,brothers & friends to islam
    You are all welcomed 😀

  3. FireSign27 — 23rd November 2011 @ 1:58 pm

    @headforhome My friend, you don’t have to worry about the world being subjugated by Islam. I would love to see the entire world following Allah’s guidance, and striving to be righteouss, help everyone, give money to the poor and more… An entirely Islamic world would be soo peaceful, you have no idea. But you still don’t have to worry or be scared.. There are over 1.5bil Muslims… The Guidance of Allah (Islam) FORBIDS us to force Islam on anyone. We can only invite people to the right path =].

  4. koolkol009 — 23rd November 2011 @ 2:55 pm

    @headforhome If you get to paradise you will be in bliss forever and ever.!!!Gosh it is worthy of a little sacrifice!!!

  5. paulp6558512 — 23rd November 2011 @ 3:29 pm

    plz friends this is a serious topic plz dont argue on it

  6. coolshariq — 23rd November 2011 @ 3:49 pm


  7. 5362079A — 23rd November 2011 @ 4:22 pm

    alhamdulillah, brother. You have accepted the Straight Path. May we be steadfast in the religion

  8. marcelcol69 — 23rd November 2011 @ 4:45 pm

    i bear witness the there is nothing worthy of worship except ALLAH (god) and muhammad is a messenger of ALLAH

  9. drmo1000 — 23rd November 2011 @ 5:27 pm

    I bare witness that there is no God but Allah, & prophet Mohammed ( pbuh) is his final messenger.

  10. LogicDialog — 23rd November 2011 @ 5:31 pm

    Great Vid

  11. QWertys24 — 23rd November 2011 @ 5:45 pm

    Not, Isalm but ISLAM

  12. lnessa08 — 23rd November 2011 @ 5:49 pm

    awesome but simple……..Subhanallah………

  13. lnessa08 — 23rd November 2011 @ 6:41 pm

    Its the Glory of the Almighty Allah Subhanutaala. lets pray to the Almighty so that may He make us true Muslim and let others convince to be taken shelter under the umbrella of true peace……..ISLAM IS THE ONLY RELIGION OF PEACE GRANTED BY THE ALMIGHTY….. WE R PROUD OF THE ALLAH SUBHANUTAALA AND THE MESSENGER MUHAMMAD (PBUH). ALLAHU AKBER. JAJHAKALLAHU KHAIR.

  14. koreanarab — 23rd November 2011 @ 7:17 pm

    yes if you become a muslim all your bad history is gone, and if you are already a muslim .you should ask forgiveness from Allah and do not do it again >mercy of Allah is very very big

  15. iatajik — 23rd November 2011 @ 7:59 pm

    isalm is the truth and peoples doesn’t have other choice to avoid the truth therefore none muslims accepting islam

  16. cheegum — 23rd November 2011 @ 8:08 pm

    Sunnis and Shias have a different take on historical events that led after the the death of prophet mohammad (peace be upon him). Sunnis believe the next in charge of the muslim caliphate should be chosen by merit, while shi’ite argue that it should be by lineage i.e. from withing the prophet’s family.

  17. sheru20 — 23rd November 2011 @ 8:37 pm

    Allah hu Akbar !!

  18. settok33 — 23rd November 2011 @ 8:38 pm

    But, the Sunni and Shi’te share the same Qur’an unlike the Protestants and Catholics.

  19. Diyo85 — 23rd November 2011 @ 9:26 pm


  20. molveees — 23rd November 2011 @ 10:23 pm

    If you repented with Sincere heart, God is all Merciful. & If you were sincere in your repentence you wont do it again. & Allah knows best.

  21. 5starskills — 23rd November 2011 @ 11:15 pm

    repent i dont get it so if I commited a horrible sin like really really bad i drink his blood, and it seems like it never happened?

  22. hanysal — 23rd November 2011 @ 11:22 pm

    Islam = No Racism.
    Islam = Love ur Brothers no matter what thier race, color or even RELIGION.

  23. finlyiceland — 24th November 2011 @ 12:10 am

    Mate as aussie white If I dont know what my white colleges think then I suck.

    By hitting muslim countries they have got punished by nature this has feared most white non muslims and as a result they convert to islam

  24. muhamj — 24th November 2011 @ 12:50 am

    Allah says
    و جادلهم بالتي هي احسن And argue with them in a way that is better. (16:125)

    If someone wants to be ignorant, we don’t stoop to their level. Rather we respond with fair words. Using foul language doesn’t soften hearts, and was not the way of our Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa sallam.

  25. muhamj — 24th November 2011 @ 1:32 am

    Americans are converting through fear? Can you explain what you mean?

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