Season 4, episode 14: “Eric’s hot cousin”. -Have you seen that little stray cat that’s been hanging around our house? -Oh, yeah, I met him this morning. Then he met the hose. Kitty, we don’t need more things hanging around our house. We already have Steven and Kelso and… “foreign kid.” -Yeah, but they’re always busy. Maybe I should get my own cat. I’m not working. I’m home all day. -Here’s my problem with cats. Best-case scenario: you get the smartest cat in the world. He still craps in your house. -Well, it’s just it would be nice to have something to take care of. -I’ll tell you what, Kitty. Instead of getting a cat, why don’t we all just stop flushing? It’s the same thing!

This is a true story (from “christian, the lion who thought he was people”). Saw this video and watched it about 30 times in a row. Theres many Christian the lion videos already posted, i just took the better song and edited it to the better video. Hope you enjoy it as much as i did. If you’d like to see the entire video on this, irridescent posted a 10 part video from original movie.

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