Episode #206: revision3.com The Battlefield 3 Beta has begun, and we’ve got impressions straight from Jim Sterling, who’s been playing with the PC Beta. We’ve also got news of LA Noire coming to PC, the upcoming reboot of Syndicate, the latest in the Elder Scrolls/Mojang lawsuit, and more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:45 LA Noire Coming to PC Details have been released regarding the PC edition of LA Noire. Due to hit stores on November 8, this “Complete Edition” will include all of the downloadable content from console releases as well as boasting improved graphical fidelity. Now you’ll be able to really see the disgust in Cole’s face! (Conrad Zimmerman) www.destructoid.com 01:55 Details on Starbreeze’s Syndicate Some details on the long-rumored Syndicate reboot were put up on EA’s Origin store in the form of a product description, and naturally NeoGAF has snatched it up before it was taken down again. It’s a shooter, but we already knew that and given Starbreeze’s history (The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Darkness) it’s hardly surprising. (Maurice Tan) www.destructoid.com 05:58 Bethesda/Mojang Lawsuit Heading to Court When Markus “Notch” Perrson received a notice that Bethesda was bringing legal action against Mojang for infringing on the Maryland company’s “The Elder Scrolls” trademark with their forthcoming game “Scrolls,” he seemed to meet it with a level of bemusement, hoping that this was the sort of posturing that would just blow over. “Lawyers
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