A 2000 Tom and Jerry cartoon. Tom and Jerry, Beefcake Tom, a story that told us about a very lazy cat, named Tom, here, in the living room, he used to watch while eating snack and soda. Jerry, who saw this, feel a little bored, Then he taunt Tom, and Tom began to catch Jerry. But Tom was unable to catch Jerry, because his body ate too much, Then Tom started to fitness, Here, Jerry still bugging Tom a little, but who knows, because of Jerry, Tom was able to get an ideal body
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It’s my pleasure to present to you the first Golden Book Video I collected, complete and in high quality, entitled “Richard Scarry’s Old MacDonald’s Farm and Other Animal Tales.” Part 2 covers the story of The Wolf and the Kids. Mother goat warns her kids NEVER to open the door to strangers, but the Big Bad Wolf (the same one from Richard Scarry’s “Three Little Pigs”) tricks them. However, Mother Goat and Billy soon have the situation all sewn up, and the wolf has the worst day he can remember! (C) 1986 Western Publishing Company, Inc

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Episode #206: revision3.com The Battlefield 3 Beta has begun, and we’ve got impressions straight from Jim Sterling, who’s been playing with the PC Beta. We’ve also got news of LA Noire coming to PC, the upcoming reboot of Syndicate, the latest in the Elder Scrolls/Mojang lawsuit, and more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 00:45 LA Noire Coming to PC Details have been released regarding the PC edition of LA Noire. Due to hit stores on November 8, this “Complete Edition” will include all of the downloadable content from console releases as well as boasting improved graphical fidelity. Now you’ll be able to really see the disgust in Cole’s face! (Conrad Zimmerman) www.destructoid.com 01:55 Details on Starbreeze’s Syndicate Some details on the long-rumored Syndicate reboot were put up on EA’s Origin store in the form of a product description, and naturally NeoGAF has snatched it up before it was taken down again. It’s a shooter, but we already knew that and given Starbreeze’s history (The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, The Darkness) it’s hardly surprising. (Maurice Tan) www.destructoid.com 05:58 Bethesda/Mojang Lawsuit Heading to Court When Markus “Notch” Perrson received a notice that Bethesda was bringing legal action against Mojang for infringing on the Maryland company’s “The Elder Scrolls” trademark with their forthcoming game “Scrolls,” he seemed to meet it with a level of bemusement, hoping that this was the sort of posturing that would just blow over. “Lawyers
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storyofcosmetics.org The Story of Cosmetics, released on July 21st, 2010, examines the pervasive use of toxic chemicals in our everyday personal care products, from lipstick to baby shampoo. Produced with Free Range Studios and hosted by Annie Leonard, the seven-minute film by The Story of Stuff Project reveals the implications for consumer and worker health and the environment, and outlines ways we can move the industry away from hazardous chemicals and towards safer alternatives. The film concludes with a call for viewers to support legislation aimed at ensuring the safety of cosmetics and personal care products. And, for all you fact checkers out there, http
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I saw this movie in my childhood. And after 10 years I did not remember anything about this movie but I found out it I also don’t know how I was able to find out this movie. It’s my life. My all times favorite movie. My words will fall short of true meaning what I have inside for this movie. I follow this movie. It’s a brilliant mix of fantasy, comedy, romance, horror, erotic, scary and martial arts. The story about the power of love is pretty touching and warm. It’s a Chinese/Cantonese classical romantic true love story. It’s a masterpiece of Hong Kong Cinema. Sinnui Yauman is without a doubt one of the best ghost stories ever made into film. Written by Songling Pu and directed by Siu-Tung Ching, A Chinese Ghost Story has it all. Ling Choi Sin played by Leslie Cheung is a young man down on his luck that goes in search of a monastery for lodging, deep in the woods, a place the villagers seem very afraid to go near. The trek alone is perilous with wolves, and a crazy Taoist monk lives at the temple. Ling Choi Sin meets Tsing, a beautiful and mysterious young girl who also lives nearby in a deserted temple. She is forced to seduce men for her evil mistress, but when she meets innocent Ling Choi Sin they fall in love. Ling Choi Sin is sort of a bumbling fool but his heart is in the right place, while Tsing tries to protect him from the other spirits in the woods, he tries to protect her from the monk who is trying to kill the spirits in the woods. There’s great martial arts

EDIT: OH HEA FUCKTARDS, MAYBE I USED THE UNTITLED ALBUM ART FOR THIS BECAUSE I DUNNO… I FUCKING FELT LIKE IT? Kthxdie. ===== Apple Shampoo, the 9th track from the 1997 album Dude Ranch. ========= This song is NOT about Blink-182’s break up. It came out in 1997 and there were 3 albums out afterwards. ========= She didn’t mean to deceive you, believe me But sometimes the hardest part is conceiving The good intentions that you had Now only came to this And although she saw the mark The arrow missed It isn’t exciting reciting the stories Of kind words turned hurting when routine gets boring Both getting tired of punk rock clubs And both playing in punk rock bands The start was something good But some good things must end And she said, “It could never survive With such differing lives One home, one out on tour again We may never come back The strike of a match The candle’s burning at both ends.” And now she knows too much And I’m too fucked up It’s awkward trying to make my move I’ll pretend that I’m fine Show up right on time But I know I’ll never be that cool I never wanted to hold you back I just wanted to hold on But my chance is gone I know / just where / I stand / a boy Trapped in the body of a man and I’ll take what you’re willing to give And I’ll teach myself to live With a walk-on part of a background shot From a movie I’m not in She’s so important And I’m so retarded And now I realize I should have kissed you in LA But I drove home all alone As if I had a choice

2 Dogs get a crazy idea for Halloween in this short video. Will they be smart enough to get what they want??? Both dog actors were discovered on www.petfinder.com – where they were adopted by a family. They now raise awareness for pet adoption primarily from high risk animal shelters.

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Seaside ep. of James the Cat

The “shoplifting dog” has come forward to own-up to the crime of store theft. —– [FEB 2009] ________________________________________ Shoplifting dog identified; family makes restitution: [FEB 06 2009] Mystery solved, suspect in custody! We finally know who pulled off a canine caper that generated news stories, and laughter, around the globe. The “shoplifting dog” has finally come forward and faced up to the crime. Returning to the scene of the crime in a Hummer, Akira took it easy this time, riding instead of walking. The 11-year-old Siberian Husky seemed eager for a return visit to the Smith’s grocery store. Just before Christmas, surveillance video captured a mysterious dog making a clean getaway with a stolen rawhide bone. The Stirling family suspected Akira was the bad guy and brought her back to face the music. “There’s no question. That looks exactly like the dog,” store manager Roger Adamson said. That same verdict was unanimous from store employees. When her owners turned her loose, she followed her nose straight for the good stuff. After sniffing around a bit, the first aisle she explored was Aisle 16, the pet aisle, paying particular attention to the rawhide bones. Akira lives in Cottonwood Heights, a long way away from the Murray grocery store. An electronic fence line is supposed to give her collar a jolt if she tries to leave, when it works. “She’s a roamer. She likes to get out and roam, and nothing will keep her inside,” her owner, John Stirling, said

CatTunes #1 — Find Your Way To help launch the new Cat Clips CD Soundtrack, and to celebrate the beginning of 2012, I am releasing several of your favorite Cat Clips songs as individual music videos, or CatTunes. The first of these is “Find Your Way” from “Cat Clips #137 — Find Your Way.” In the song, Tuck and Tipi are trying to cheer Trey up after the loss of Honey. Enter our Photo Contest on Facebook at “Cat Clips on YouTube” Follow us on Facebook: Search for “Cat Clips on YouTube” to find exclusive photos, stories, and contests. Download your FREE Cat Clips Board Game at www.wizardofwit.com Missed any “Cat Clips” episodes? Check out the Playlist to find out. http Follow us on Twitter at: twitter.com Order Cat Clips t-shirts and coffee mugs at shop.wizardofwit.com About Cat Clips Created by Michael Latshaw, this episode is part of the humorous “Cat Clips” series, which features the ongoing adventures of a group of cats in the New Jersey suburbs. The cats are avid fans of pop culture and fill their days discussing the latest celebrity gossip, political mishaps and topical entertainment related subject matter. They also engage in plenty of mystery and intrigue, as they continually try to scheme and outmaneuver each other, most often with comical results. Meet the Cats: Honey (aka Chase), an orange and white long-haired domestic, is the oldest female of the group, and loves to eat chocolate and other sweet treats. Often referred to as “Big Mama,” the Mother of the clan

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