The sheer Quality of this Film Production will Blow your Mind! This is a crucial time. Our generation makes the choices which determine whether there is a future for humanity. In 1974 a radio message was sent into outer space in a quest for communication. In 2001 a response was received, carved as a crop circle into a field in Chilbolton, Southern England. But was it for real? Several experiences reveal a profound telepathic contact between human beings and an unknown intelligence. Where do these messages come from? Before this incredible story is over, you may find that “where” is not the right question… NOW on DVD in a 2-DVD Special Edition – Cat# U645 – Go to Featuring “Cereal Worm Holes Part 1: They Are All Real” and “Cereal Worm Holes Part 2: Conduit Closing.”

Shiiitttt , you every wish you could bring you cat back to life so you can feed it jalapenos and beer? WHO DOESNT?! Well that shit aint happenen fag, BUT I got the next best thing, this fuckin hick Chuck “IMA Stuff the shit” Testa. Peep his rap video showing you his gift. Hit him up if you need a pussy stuffed!

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