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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Please watch in high-quality — it looks and sounds a lot better. When I was a kid (seems like much too long ago) I used to listen to a tape of Wendy Bagwell and The Sunliters, a gospel group. I listened mostly for the funny stories that Wendy would tell, which always made me smile. When I came across some of the stories, I really felt the need to pass along the light hearted and clean humor that put me to sleep with a smile so many years ago. There isn’t much visual to this video, it is mainly here for the audio – the pictures are only there to keep you from having to look at a blank image the whole time ­čÖé
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Comments to “COOOOOOOOKKIIEEESSS!!11!!!1one11!”

  1. MultiJondan — 25th June 2012 @ 4:56 am

    Were i the only one who paused and scrolled back when he said( or check out the other stuff over here at 4:02

  2. 2006med4soc — 25th June 2012 @ 5:17 am

    this was awesome!!!!!!!!!!´╗┐

  3. anthonybilinski1 — 25th June 2012 @ 5:49 am

    terrorist organisation? are you kidding me?´╗┐ who the hell are they terrorizing? they don’t have any political goals besides getting rid of corruption…

  4. brapbitchbrap — 25th June 2012 @ 6:08 am

    biggest invasion of privacy that ive´╗┐ experienced is my mom taking and reading my cellphone messgaes with my boyfriend of two years whom id been living with at the time and breaking up with him “for” me. when i proceded to leave her house she didnt get why. hmmm

  5. XblackswanXx — 25th June 2012 @ 6:20 am

    yayyyy we’re both depressed girls that like´╗┐ Philly D

  6. GreenishKaZoo — 25th June 2012 @ 6:36 am

    Xstepmother´╗┐ said i wasnt allowed to shut my door… no privacy

  7. TVwatchU — 25th June 2012 @ 6:49 am

    Oh, my biggest´╗┐ invasion of privacy? My mother…Im 13.

  8. beto62190 — 25th June 2012 @ 7:43 am

    hey thats my nephew his name is actually boston n he´╗┐ really likes cookies

  9. XXXTheHOPEprojectXXX — 25th June 2012 @ 7:45 am

    Baby Joseph was so adorable! He made a´╗┐ depressed girl less depressed <3

  10. faroutcoraltrout — 25th June 2012 @ 8:13 am

    hotmail account Hacked and the fuckers sent poker and porn links to all my uni lectures….. was some´╗┐ what hard to explain …

  11. Araclain — 25th June 2012 @ 8:52 am

    Oh my god´╗┐ so is mine. And cookies are awesome.

  12. cooolboyify — 25th June 2012 @ 9:24 am

    hihi and get hot with´╗┐ me

  13. MaoCarlydv111 — 25th June 2012 @ 9:33 am

    hmz i will make´╗┐ you doing things

  14. WeekendattheCabin1 — 25th June 2012 @ 9:55 am

    Weekend at the Cabin Movie

    Please check out the Trailer for “Weekend at the Cabin” and Purchase your own copy or rent it today. Help support your Indie Artist. Tell´╗┐ a friend. Have a great day.

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  15. yahoosucks234 — 25th June 2012 @ 10:44 am

    that actually isnt true but don’t be made pls. There can be mutations in your growing´╗┐ or dna or in pregnacy were you could get a slightly longer leg. (Maybe I am wrong but dont be mad pls)

  16. sharkilla2 — 25th June 2012 @ 10:48 am

    lol dude the reason some people have one leg longer then the other because they need an adjustment which is when a chiropractor cracks ur back, ur neck and the sides of´╗┐ ur body. that makes ur body shift back to normal and ur legs would be at the same length ( my mom is a chiropractor ) also if my spellling is bad im sorry i have disorder where i spell things differntly :/

  17. LSosaFortWorth — 25th June 2012 @ 11:19 am

    erm Your little´╗┐ princess is here to please you

  18. spook81793 — 25th June 2012 @ 12:05 pm

    That’s´╗┐ just fucking creepy

  19. spook81793 — 25th June 2012 @ 12:14 pm

    There had been some water damage in our house due to broken pipes, the gist of which was that if´╗┐ water went down the overflow drains in any of the upstairs showers, it would leak from the pipes and collect in the ceiling. Now, I’ve been informed of this, but later, just as I’m about to get in the shower, my mom UNLOCKS my door and barges in on me to inform me of this. I screamed at her to get out but she just stood there and ranted for a good full minute. I’ve never been so furious in my life.

  20. aBLiNDbAt69 — 25th June 2012 @ 12:46 pm

    Well my story of invasion of privacy is….. entering a McDonalds, aksing the lady a the counter for a´╗┐ double cheeseburger and she asked ” Do you want fries with that?” TRUE STORY

  21. Crazymofoinamajikbox — 25th June 2012 @ 1:08 pm

    Mom looked through the pics´╗┐ on my phone

  22. Kalgic1213 — 25th June 2012 @ 1:12 pm

    my friend broke into my computer and looked at my files. my personal files! not my credit card files. my “im´╗┐ in love” files!

  23. 15ctj — 25th June 2012 @ 1:34 pm

    a fag´╗┐ hacked my wow acount

  24. skirtheretic — 25th June 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    hayyyyy waiiitttt you said 4 out of 10! What happened to that rant about simplifying ratio statistics´╗┐ into something like 2 out of 5?

    Youuuuu sir, won’t ever even read this ­čÖü This is old.



  25. noorskiezz — 25th June 2012 @ 3:06 pm

    my brain is way to slow to´╗┐ comprehend what hese saying LOL he talks to godamn fast !

  26. mack1712 — 25th June 2012 @ 3:21 pm

    I can remember a´╗┐ 1962 VW. cost was $1600.00. the AM radio was optional!!!!!!

  27. doughesson — 25th June 2012 @ 4:08 pm

    I thought the punchline to Miss Mary Ellen’s´╗┐ assessment of the car was”Boy,that little heater’ll run you outta there,won’t it?”

  28. maddad621 — 25th June 2012 @ 4:46 pm

    Thanks for posting this. I listened to this a few years back?? and this just brings up memories of the times when my kids were still small. Loved the radio back then sorry to say most if it´╗┐ now is all the same no matter where you go. Time to go spend time with the grandkids, gee they sure grow fast! Bless all of you and God Bless America.

  29. jedikincharbamin — 25th June 2012 @ 5:20 pm

    I love it!´╗┐ With my hand up!

  30. vw65bus — 25th June 2012 @ 5:27 pm

    Loved´╗┐ it, thanks

  31. loveisintheair79 — 25th June 2012 @ 5:46 pm

    OMG´╗┐ I remember this story when I was a kid

  32. harryphipps — 25th June 2012 @ 6:28 pm

    From an ole country boy,´╗┐ this is priceless!!!!!!

  33. Pollypot — 25th June 2012 @ 7:01 pm

    Thank you for posting´╗┐ this I so love him ­čÖé

  34. MrMike2008a — 25th June 2012 @ 7:25 pm

    Thanks for´╗┐ posting this. This was the most requested “cut” from my days in AM Country Radio.

  35. rcjohnsob — 25th June 2012 @ 8:03 pm

    I have owned many´╗┐ of these beetles over the years and I actually sold one to a guy who called me two days later and asked me if it had a reverse gear?

  36. thepsycho130 — 25th June 2012 @ 8:28 pm

    This is my All Time favorite story told´╗┐ by Wendy and I actually met Ralph Bennett years ago. Wendy Bagwell was the funniest person I had ever known.

  37. raydunakin — 25th June 2012 @ 9:25 pm

    Thanks for posting that´╗┐ — I love his stories. I have most of their records, including this one, but my stereo is on the fritz, so it’s nice to be able to hear this again.

  38. dieselducy — 25th June 2012 @ 9:58 pm

    OMG!! i have´╗┐ been looking ALL over for that recording!! Used to hear this on the radio!!

  39. jimmythemufflers — 25th June 2012 @ 10:01 pm

    I´╗┐ accidentally came across this and actually enjoyed it. Very funny.

  40. BKWKY — 25th June 2012 @ 10:31 pm

    This brings back many memories of listening to this on vinyl in the mid 70’s. He was a´╗┐ funny guy! R.I.P. Wendy!

  41. da2770 — 25th June 2012 @ 10:52 pm

    thank you michael, for introducing me to´╗┐ this comdey.

  42. DOMERAISER — 25th June 2012 @ 11:10 pm

    I first heard this about´╗┐ ten years ago when I lived in Tallahassee. As an old VW Bus owner (40 years ago), I have to say this is one of the funniest things I have ever heard.

  43. MultiBaldEagle — 26th June 2012 @ 12:01 am

    This was from 1975, I believe…….My freshman year of High School. Brings back´╗┐ memories.

  44. DOMERAISER — 26th June 2012 @ 12:13 am

    I never even saw´╗┐ one of those Volkswagen cars before we went all the way to Jacksonville, Florida. THIS IS CLASSIC! ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES.

  45. imgettinrede — 26th June 2012 @ 12:53 am

    tooooooooo´╗┐ funny!!!!!!

  46. trueedge2097 — 26th June 2012 @ 1:00 am

    He was very sincere,´╗┐ too. I do miss him. He’s telling stories around Glory, though.

  47. toonful — 26th June 2012 @ 1:36 am

    it’s´╗┐ on

  48. toonful — 26th June 2012 @ 2:11 am

    yeah it does i saw wendy in winston salem,n.c. when i was 5 yrs. old.i was born with open spine.& by the grace of God could walk,he picked me up at intermission,”he was at sales table,he said,God has a reason 4 you.,it took me 30more yrs.´╗┐ too know,why i can get around,but that’s another miracle from God.take care & God bless you ALL.

  49. jg300gman — 26th June 2012 @ 3:05 am

    VW has come a long way….just recently being named the #1 car seller´╗┐ in the world. Das ist aber schone!

  50. XC2long4u — 26th June 2012 @ 3:45 am

    Zzzzzz. Grumble´╗┐ grumble Zzzzzzzz.

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