Segment 1: Jeans On EMI Sumeet buys a pair of designer denims on EMI with disastrous consequences for him and hilarious ones for us. :)) Segment 2: Weird Stories Special News on Shiney Ahuja’s strange life in Jail, Ekta’s serial on him, Polo the Gorilla and his search for a mate, Geri Halliwell’s kiss for the Nepal Prime Minister, and this is just the beginning – you will roll with laughter by the time we come to the cat with plaform shoes…Sumeet at his rocking Best. Unmissable. Segment 3: Obama’s Dinner with Mahatma Gandhi We repeat our disclaimer – this video is not meant to cause disrespect to the Mahatma whom we hold in the highest esteem but we cannot promise the same for Obama. Is Obama justified in wishing for a dinner with the Mahatma? Is he fit to share the same table with the Great man? Find out and die laughing! Segment 4: Top 10 Reasons Why Marrying a Pillow is better than Marrying a Woman

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