This beautiful and huge cat called Sylvester was adopted yesterday from the shelter. We saw him there last Saturday and I couldn’t get him out of my mind ever since. This cat just wanted to be adopted and asked me to take him with us, and I mean it, he did ask.

He is huge and very heavy – about 22 pounds, and is a 5 years old Norvegian Forest Cat.


His head is very big and impressive, and I will have to get used with such a large kitty around 🙂


His mood is very friendly with us, but if he sees any of our cats he gets very nasty and starts screaming, and hissing to no end. I hope he will change his feelings for our other cats within a few days, or a week. The only cat that dares to go against him, and is hissing back while “singing furiously” is Chicha, the Queen of our kitty household. I pray that these two will find a way to share our home as their home, as i do not want to think of bringing him back to the shelter.


Will keep you updated about the happenings with Sylvester. And wish me luck please 😉
Talk to you soon 🙂

A comment on the previous post of mine pointed me to the following video, and I am so glad to learn something new about feline illnesses, and to see such a sweet cat being the star showing it to us. I am so glad that Charley doesn’t suffer any pain, and has a normal life in a home where he is loved and cared for. And if we didn’t have already 6 cats with us I might have looked for one, just like Charley, and adopted it.

…Yes, and with his bare hands! I couldn’t believe it, but according to Amram Tsabri, an Israel Nature and Parks Authority this really happened in Negev, Israel.
I loved the fact that a man is able to stop a wild leopard with his bare hands to save the life of his own cat. The guy is worthy of a big prize, don’t you all think?

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