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Such a love and sweetness! This baby kitten is so cute, while moving his paws I think he or she was dreaming 😉 And the mum is absolutely hugging and protecting the baby… How sweet is this? So, since I absolutely adored this video – I had to share it with you all – enjoy!

Heheheheh, is this cat for real? It looks like it is, and I can stop grinning while watching it over and over again 😉

Incredibly funny video, and what would have caused the tiredness you think?

😉 Would you consider deactivating your cat whie paying a vsit to the vet by using the same mehod?
My cats are polite and not afraid of the vet, otherwise I woud have considered it I think 🙂

The video of this clepto kitty so much cracked me up that I had to share it here on and am sure you will enjoy it too 😉
For something like three years – Dusty has been stealing personal items from his neighbors in San Mateo – California.
Dusty’s owners estimate the cat has stolen some 600 items over the course of three years.
The items that were stolen by Dusty include shoes, children’s toys, and Dusty’s favorite: women’s swimming gear!

Ohhh, these two cute kittens are really poor creatures 🙁
And there is probably no cure against the fainting goat illness…

Simply keep watching until the end of this video, and you’re going to love the surprise 😉 This little kittie family stole my heart…

I watched this video today and decided to share it here on with you 😉
This smart kitty – called Iggy, is smart enough to even play the piano.

One of the funniest videos here for you, as I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did

A kitten adopted by a crow in this video. See it to believe it 🙂

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